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XMRig with automatic miner and system configuration.

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XMRig Proxy with Windows support and per worker stats through enchanced api to rule them all. XMR Node Proxy with workers vardiff.

There are 2 important things here the URL and the port that you are going to connect to. GeoDNS automagically finds the closest server to you and could also be used to shares you in case of a regional outage.

If you prefer to shave off a few of those ms and connect directly, you have the option to select your preferred endpoint too. The Port is used in conjunciton with the url and is used to specify the starting difficulty. You should select this depending on the total hashing power of your rig see port descriptions. So by now you should have a wallet, mining software, url and port. Here are some examples of the parameters that you need to pass on to your miner software, the format matters so be careful.

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Скачать майнер и начать добычу прямо. Withdraw as little as 0. Получайте максимальный доход пока идет процесс майнинга. The lowest fee. Do not need registration anywhere Our mining pool was developed to get maximum profit on web mining Background mining.

2) Определитесь с ПО

Скриншоты Control panel and dashboard. The website receives 30K unique visitors each month with a bounce rate of So I would expect a lot of hashing to occur, which is great BUT eth вход payout is ridiculous.

They are locking you in until you reach 0. I will stay with the app for 48 hours in hope they read this review and act on it promptly, in which case I will retract it and by then I would have had time to test it as well, as the stats are still showing zero Installed 15min ago. Set the minimum payout to 0.

I will update this review in 48 hours with the outcome. I hope you keep this in the future or I will choose another miner plugin.