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Stol tennisi qaysi davlatda paydo

Пинг-понг — это термин, который используется, когда вы практикуете только удовольствие, как шутку, в то время как настольный теннис используется для определения того, кто конкурирует и практикует это спорт. История настольного тенниса началась в Англии в девятнадцатом веке, и это был способ играть в теннис в закрытом пространстве.

В начале книги использовались как гамак, и с его руками он бил мяч или прикрывал из стороны в сторону. С ростом популярности этой деятельности игрушечная компания получила идею и разработала деревянные ракетки для игры. Позднее английская компания J. Jaques зарегистрировала бренд, а оттуда другие производители стали называть настольный теннис. Со временем оборудование менялось, и популярность этого вида спорта возрастала во всем мире.

В настоящее время оценивается, что по крайней мере около миллионы людей играют в пинг-понг в качестве рекреационной формы. Игра в настольный теннис играет наборы, а ее количество определяется организацией события, которое может иметь 3,5 или 7, и выигрывает игрок, который сначала получает более половины наборов. Каждая игра начинается с обслуживания, и цель состоит в том, чтобы мяч попал в поле соперника во время игры, и он не смог вернуть его таким же образом.

Правила настольного тенниса говорят, что услуга должна начинаться с размещения мяча в открытой ладони, направленной вверх, чтобы судья и противник увидели мяч, а затем выбросили его как минимум 16cm и когда мяч вы бросаете вас на службу, заставляя его подпрыгивать на вашей стороне стола, а затем на стороне соперника. В игре в парном разряде служба должна быть пересечена и сделана с правой стороны на правую сторону противника.

Если мяч касается сетки и перемещается в сторону противника, касаясь его поля, он считается сетью, и эта услуга была недействительной, не считая точки ни для.

Количество недействительных сообщений неограниченно и может быть отложено до тех пор, пока публикация не будет действительна или не будет набираться.

There is lots of variety which means there is something for everyone and they are interesting to watch. It is necessary to structure it well and to meet its requirements. The Discussion You are given a problem and asked directly to discuss it, and very often asked to suggest a solution for it. Examples: In some countries young people have little leisure time and are under a lot of pressure to work hard in their studies.

What do you think are the causes of it? What solutions can you suggest? Scientists and the news media are presenting ever more evidence of climate change. Governments cannot be expected to solve this problem.

It is the responsibility of individuals to change their lifestyle to prevent further damage. What are your views? There are two typical problems with understanding this type of essay question: 1.

You are being asked for your personal opinion: it is not enough to talk generally about the topic. You must give your personal view. Very often you are given two tasks: for example, to discuss the causes and the solution. If you discuss only one of these, you will be penalized. The Proposal You are given an opinion about some social issues to discuss. Typically, you are asked whether or to what extent you agree with it. Examples: Some people think women should be allowed to join the army, the navy and the air force just like men.

To what extent do you agree or disagree? Some people feel that certain workers like nurses, doctors and teachers are undervalued and should be paid more, especially when the other people like fi lm actors or company bosses are paid huge sums of money that are out of proportion to the importance of the work that they do. How far do you agree? What criteria should be used to decide how much people are paid? There are three typical problems with understanding this type of essay question: 1.

The questions are simply longer to read and sometimes harder to understand. Spend plenty of time reading the question and underlining the key words and making sure you understand the main idea of the В приложении winline произошла ошибка. It can be easy to distinguish the background information from the opinion.

You must discuss the opinion. If you only discuss the topic, you will be penalized. You need to discuss the opinion in the question. You cannot only give your opinion. The Argument You are given a problem and two different solutions or opinions about it.

Alternatively, you may be given a situation and asked to discuss two sides the advantages and disadvantages of that situation. Examples: People have different job expectations for jobs. Some people prefer to do the same job for the same company, whereas others prefer to change jobs frequently.

Write about advantages and disadvantages of each viewpoint. Some people prefer to work for a large company. Others prefer to work for a small company. Which do you prefer? Use specifi c reasons and examples to support your choice.

There are typical problems which test-takers face while writing an essay: 1. The essay discusses the problem generally and doesn t talk about advantages and disadvantages. The test-taker doesn t make a choice between two options. The essay only looks at the advantages or the disadvantages. Now we can make a checklist to help you which type of question you are looking at: Type of the question Discussion Asks for my own opinion about the topic.

Proposal Asks me to discuss a particular problem. Argument Asks me to decide between two different opinions or look at the advantages and disadvantages of a topic.

Activity 3 Essay samples Materials: Handouts 2, 3, 4 Handout 2 1. Discussion In some countries young people have little leisure time and are under a lot of pressure to work hard in their studies.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least words Some young people fi nd themselves with very little leisure time. I believe there are two main causes of this situation.

The fi rst is parental pressure and the second is competition for university places. This means that they exert pressure on their children to spend hours each day studying at home.

Some even arrange extra tuition for their children. In my country it is not uncommon for young people to spend another three hours at small private schools after their usual day at state school is over. As a consequence, their leisure time is extremely limited and the pressure on them is considerable. The second cause is related to the higher education system. Each year there are many many times more applicants to university than there are university places.

The result of this is that only those students with very high grades manage to obtain the place. This contributes to the pressure on teenagers since they must work long hours to have any chance of success. One solution to the problem is for parents to be made aware of the effects of the pressure they put on their children. Schools should inform parents that too much pressure can lead to anxiety, stress and depression.

They should be shown ways in which they can help their children lead more balanced lives with a reasonable amount of leisure time, Another effective measure would be for the government to invest in the creation more university places. This could be done by expanding existing universities or by building new ones. This would have the effect of easing competition for places giving teenagers some more of their precious free time back. Handout 3 2. Proposal essay Some people feel that certain workers like nurses, doctors and teachers are undervalued and should be paid more, especially when the other people like film actors or company bosses are paid huge sums of money that are out of proportion to the importance of the work that they do.

You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence. Write at least words. Nobody can deny that there are certain professionals like nurses, doctors and teachers who are essential to the fabric of society, and who should therefore be rewarded accordingly.

However, this is seldom the case. When we look at the salaries and fees commanded by certain fi lm stars and actresses and people who run large companies, this does not seem fair. First of all, not all fi lm stars earn huge sums of money.

In fact, at any one time in the UK, for example, roughly 80 per cent of actors are out of work and on top of that the number who are paid so-called telephone number fees is even smaller.

One must also remember that the career of many actors is very short and that therefore the money they earn has to be spread over many years. The same applies to company bosses. Stating a set of criteria as to how much people should be paid is not easy.

The idea of performancerelated pay is very much in vogue at the moment. Rewarding people according to qualifi cations has long been used as a yardstick for paying people, but it is not a consistently good measure. Another criterion is years of relevant experience, but there are many cases where a younger person can perform a task better than someone with lots of experience.

Whatever criteria are used to assess salaries, an on-going cycle will develop. This will create pressure in other areas. This considered, generally I feel that certain key professionals should have their salaries assessed by independent review bodies on an on-going basis so that they do not fall Ливны букмекерская контора. Argumentative essay Some people prefer to work for a large company.

You should write at least words. The issue whether working for a large company is better than working for a small company is controversial one.

From my everyday experience and observation, I think that every option has its advantages and disadvantages. I base my opinion on the following points.

From one side working for a large company brings many benefi ts. First of all, one has better medical insurance. Higher salary. Often employees of a large company have less responsibility. Moreover, they feel more secure because their company has more clients and this means better chance to survive on the modern market. However, one working for a large company has less chance to be Банкротство букмекеров because one s manager does not want to lose his Бонусы от бвин her job unless she or he is promoted too.

Also, from my observation, managers of a large company do not pay much attention to one s solutions and suggestions. From the other side working for a small company has many advantages too.

Firstly, one has better chance to be promoted. Secondly, one can talk to the owner of the company about any improvements that can be done in order to get more profi t. Another important aspect of working for a small company is the opportunities to fi nd out more about how the company works. As a result of this one can gain more experience and get better recommendations. However, this also has some disadvantages.

For instance, one can get less salary and worse medical benefi ts. To sum up, I think that every person chooses for himself what he or she wants, better career and more responsibilities then a small company is better choice. Otherwise, working for a large company may be a good option too. As to me I personally like to be heard and be responsible for whatever I do, therefore I prefer to work for a small company.

Please practise the following other topics of each essay types yourself. In a month, you will be given samples of those essays to compare with your own work. Remember, you must write at least words and spend only 40 minutes. Mamlakat iqtisodiyoti, ta lim, fan va boshqa sohalarining rivoj lanishi bugungi kunda jamiyat a zolarining aqliy salohiyati bilan bir qatorda axborottexnologiyalari jihatdan ham rivojlanishiga bog liq bo lib qolmoqda.

Dunyoning yetakchi davlatlarida zamonaviy AKT ning ta lim jarayoniga keng tatbiq etilishiga alohida e tibor qaratilmoqda. Ta lim sifatini oshirish masalasiga ustuvor yo nalish sifatida qaralib kelinayotgan bugungi kunda tizimida yangicha yondashuvni joriy etish soha mutaxassislari tadqiqotlarining asosini tashkil etmoqda.

Hozir dunyo bo yicha masofaviy o qitish ochiq ta lim tizimini tashkil etuvchi aso siy komponentlardan biri sifatida muhim ahamiyat kasb etadi. Fan va texnika taraqqiyotining bugungi darajasi bilan bo lajak xorijiy til o qituvchisining kasbiy tayyorgarligini takomillashtirish jarayoni orasidagi mavjud nomutanosiblikni bartaraf etish, ta lim tizimi, xususan, xorijiy til o qituvchilarini qayta tayyorlash va ularning malakasini oshirish tizimida zamonaviy pedagogik va axborot-kommunikatsiya texnologiyalarining joriy etilish holati yetarli darajada ta minlanmaganligi sababli alohida dolzarblik kasb etmoqda.

Xorijiy til o qitilishida zamonaviy AKTning joriy etilishi, turli uslubiy yondashuvlar, o z o rnida, talabalarda ko plab fundamental tushunchalarning oson, qulay va mustahkam shakllanishiga sabab bo ladi.

Ta lim yo nalishlarida amalga oshirilayotgan differensiyalashish va integratsiya jarayonlarining tillarning o qitilishida Бонусы от бвин z aksini yetarli darajada topa olmayotgani ham bugungi kunda ma lum muammolarning yuzaga kelishiga sabab bo lmoqda.

Xususan, ta lim mazmuni va to plangan ilmiy axborotlarning unda aks etishi orasida uzilishlar kuzatilmoqda. Shu bois, xorijiy tilni o qitishni va o quv materiallarini bayon etishni osonlashtirish masalalarini yanada takomillashtirish zarurati yuzaga kelmoqda.

Bu borada belgilangan vazifalarni amalga oshirishda ta lim jarayoniga zamonaviy pedagogik va axborotkommunikatsiya texnologiyalarini tatbiq qilish, ulardan samarali hamda unumli foydalanish maqsadga muvofi q bo ladi. Zamonaviy ta lim tizimi shaxsga yo naltirilgan va shaxsning sifatlariga e tibor qaratilgan bo lishi hamda texnika va texnologiyalarga mos holda tashkil etili shi lozim.

Hozirga qadar ta lim tizimida talabalarni o qitish birlamchi bo lsa, endilikda axborotlashuv davrida o qishga qaratilgan o rgatishga birinchi darajali e tibor qaratilmoqda. Zamonaviy pedagog kadrlar yangi mavqega ega bo lib, uning vazifasi, eng avvalo, talabalarning mustaqil bilim olish faoliyatini tashkil etishga, bilimlarni mustaqil egallashga va ularni amaliyotda qo llash malakalarini shakllantirishga qaratilmog i zarur.

Zamonaviy xo rijiy til o qituvchisi bunday sharoitda o qitishning yangi metodlari, texnologiyalarini shunday tanlamog i kerakki, talabalar nafaqat tayyor bilimlarni o zlashtirishlari, balki bilimlarni turli manbalardan mustaqil qidirishi, egallashlari, o zlarida shaxsiy nuqtayi nazarning shakllanishi, uni asoslashi va erishilgan bilimlarni yangi bilimlar bilan boyitishda foydalanish malaka va ko nikmalariga ega bo lishlari kerak.

We make an enquiry when we want to find some information about something. These days it is very common to make enquiries by. To do this, we usually need to write questions. Please follow the activities, starting with 1, and check your answers at the end. The children at my school are Банкротство букмекеров about schools in the UK and other countries.

I have some questions about your school is the head teacher? Can you let me know? I look forward to working with you. Asking people to let you know Complete the s a d with a question starting Could you let me know? There is one question which you do not need. Could you let me know you are free? Could you let me know the start date? Could you let me know the price? Could you let me know the address? Could you let me know your arrival time? I look forward to meeting you next week. Regards, Sheila Fiston b.

Hello again Atoshi, I would like to post the documents to your office, but I do not have your work address As soon as I have it, I will send them to you.

With thanks, Jose Gutierrez c. Dear Mrs Haniss, We would like to offer you some part-time work next term Are you free on Thursday mornings? I look forward to hearing from you. Yours truly, Ruth Gaddon Head Teacher d. Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to book a meeting room for 25 people including twocourse lunch on 4 January next year Can you offer us a discount?

Question words and prepositions Raj lives in the UK. He writes an to Victor, who lives in Nigeria. Why is Raj writing to Victor? Raj wants Victor to visit him in the UK. Бонусы от бвин wants to learn about Victor s life and school.

Raj will start going to Victor s school in Nigeria. Getting the questions right Look at the questions a h. Four are correct and four are incorrect not including the two examples. Find and correct the mistakes. Example: What time the meeting starts tomorrow? What time does the meeting start tomorrow?

Example: What time can we speak tomorrow? Correct a. Where do you work? How many people work in your office? What you doing after work tomorrow? Could you let me to know the date of the conference?

Which train are you arriving on? What terminal my flight goes from? Please could you let me know the web address? What time will being convenient for you? Hello Victor, Thanks for sending me the pictures of your school and your friends. My school in England is very different!

I want to ask you about your school. Here are my questions. I play cricket in the school team I hate maths but I love English In IT, we re learning how to make a website. At your school, My brother and I walk to school together every day My flat is by a road with lots of cars Bye for now! Raj 4. Getting the questions right a, b, e and g are correct. What are you Европейская букмекерская контора after work tomorrow?

Could you let me know the date of the conference? What terminal does my flight go from? What time will be convenient for you? Asking people to let you know a. Question words and prepositions b. What about; 4. Who with; 5. What next to 1. Question words c. Mercy wants the children from her school to learn about Angela s school.

Who; 2. What; 3. How many; 4. What time; 5. How far; 6. A series is a number of similar things, one after another, and there are 15 parts to this series. We call you learner because you are somebody who is learning! And by professional s, we mean s you write at work, for your job, not to your friends or family. Here we are looking at requests. We make requests when we ask somebody to do something for us. So, we need questions to do this. Questions are a very important area of English and of any language, of course.

If you want to be professional in English, you need to get your questions right! Please follow the activities, starting with activity 1. We hope you enjoy these activities and think they are useful.

Barcha do'konlar toifalari

Word order Teaching English Choose the correct sentence, i or ii, in each case. Please will you resend it? Please you will resend it? Please could you confirm you that can open and read it? Please could you confirm that you can open and read it? Please let me know if you have any questions. Please let know me if you have any questions. Can please you send me further information about my trip to Cairo? Can you please send me further information about my trip to Cairo?

Is it i or ii in each case? Please let me know quickly. Please let me know as soon as you can. Reply soon, please. Could you possibly send me further details? Please send me further details. Do please let me know if you need more information. Tell me if you need more information. Useful words Read the s and their replies. Then choose the correct definition, either i or ii, of the word in bold, a d.

Hi Hassan, Thank you for sending the contract. Unfortunately I couldn t open it. Yours, Surinder a. Word choice Complete the with the correct word from the list below. Use capital letters where necessary. Mr Omar, I am b Could you change the delivery date, c? Could you e Also, could you please f I look forward to g I hope it opens this time.

Could you confirm that you can open and read it? Cheers, Hassan b. Depart 8. What hotel am I staying in? And what day am I returning? With many thanks, Ali Rahman 5. Sentence order Put the sentences a h in the correct order to make a request. Are you b. I look forward to c. If so, would it be possible d. With best wishes, Tariq Ghannam e. Dear Mr Harrison, I am writing to see if we can f. I will be at g. Could you kindly let h. According to Education Reformassessment is a tool which is Бонусы от бвин for evaluating and measuring learning progress, skill acquisition, or educational needs of students by educators or by teaching staff.

Nevertheless, the origin of the word assess has another В приложении winline произошла ошибка from the Latin verb assidere which means to sit with. In the light of that meaning, we can think assessment is the ongoing process of gathering, analysing and reflecting on evidences to make informed and consistent judgements to improve future student learning.

In general, assessment is a big concept and assessing young learners is one challenging part of this process. It is assumed that tests can measure the skills pupils gained. However, the English achievement tests at school do not seem to function in that way Jeon, Marcy Guddemi and Betsy J. Case think that YL Young Learners learn by manipulating the objects, they must touch in order to learn and need various ways of environments. Case maintain that YL should be assessed in the same way they learn.

Above given evidences show that using proper evaluation of young learner s acquisition is not a problem only in Uzbekistan but it also exists in other countries teaching systems. In Uzbekistan, for assessing young learners in primary classes teachers use multiple choices testing, spelling dictations as well as writing assignment that includes small sentences and given vocabulary, even the teachers can use another assessment types for making assessment productive.

But I think there are several factors which are not primarily linked with teachers. For instance, teaching YL is a new project in Uzbekistan and teachers are not aware of innovative methods of assessment, the other reason is that educators need more practice with suggested theory of effective assessment types.

Finally, foreign languages were not taught in primary classes, as well as the English language was taught from the 5th grade till Therefore, educators ignore the fact subconsciously that young minds just began to learn their mother tongue and they have a disperse attention, they are good at speaking skill than writing or listening skills, their favourite activities are TPR activities and for them it is better to use discourse than choosing written message to respond.

As a teacher of English I think that an effective language assessment for primary classes should be verbal, without stress, motivational, and useful informing the teacher about YL weak points.

Many possible solutions exist to accomplish this. Wikipedia divides assessment into three types: While diagnostic assessment is purposed to identify student s knowledge about the topic, formative assessment is used for assessing student s knowledge and skills including gaps in his knowledge. Summative assessment, meanwhile, is used for determining the level and achievement of the student, which is made at the end of unit of learning and it includes a mark or grade, which is expected against an expected standard.

O Neil believes that the summative form of testing that permeated the traditional curricula might not be fair to students whose studies are based on communicative activities. According to Thomsonyoung minds just began to learn their Mother tongue, YELLs Young English Language learners do not comprehend abstract ideas such as grammar, they have a disperse attention, they are very talkative and they are not good at writing or listening, their favourite activities are TPR Total physical response activities and it is better to use discourse than responding to choose written message for them.

Teachers in Uzbekistan mostly use summative assessment in primary classes and assume Ливны букмекерская контора this is an appropriate type of assessment e. Shepard gives more examples that fi lling in the blank worksheets is not appropriate for young learners at primary level. Instructional practices of testing YL are developmentally inappropriate because long period seat works, high level of stress and, plethora of fi ll in the blank worksheets may place many children at risk by social maturity and academic productivity too.

According to the given evidences, there are many types of alternative assessment which can be used for young minds; not only for assessing them but for encouraging and motivating further their English language learning. This activity allows a teacher to observe students performing the skills they are taught and this type of alternative assessment is fair, as are choral performances Job, Teacher asks students to design animals based on the topic he has provided.

Pupil may include every learnt vocabulary to his presentation. By showing his prepared work pupil explains: it is a mother hen and it has chickens. It is big and white. A hen likes grass. A hen can run and fl y. Preston gives more ideas for alternative assessment: Time Line Students create a class timeline as they study different eras.

Post the master time line up in the classroom and add as new eras are learned. After learner explains all features of the toy as he learnt. Museum Exhibit Students each create a museum artefact and set them up in the classroom as a museum, where they will stand next to their artefact to explain and answer questions from visitors. As a teacher you may invite other classes or parents to come to a walkthrough of your museum.

Radio Show Pupils create a radio program that is set in the same time as the book. They give learnt questions in the show. Recipe Students make a recipe or just the instructions for something that a character in the story might make. Alternative types of assessment focus on what students can do without emphasizing their weaknesses, especially in test-taking skills and they are not graded like standardized tests are. Rather than counting the number of right and wrong responses, these assessments give a holistic picture of a student s abilities and highlight where further improvement is needed.

They give the student a chance to demonstrate the depth and scope of learning without being limited to narrow questions or make-or-break tests. Often, alternative assessments are utilized for students with learning disabilities who have diffi culties performing on standardized tests Job, On the one hand using alternative types of assessment is a positive way of evaluating their learning process, on the other hand it is obligation for teachers and it may be complicated procedure in assessing young learners.

When evaluating an alternative assessment, educators need methods to assess fairly and objectively Job, So, alternative types of assessment need fair and objective approach by teachers.

By considering before given evidences, the purpose for using alternative assessments is to assess students profi ciency in performing complex tasks that are directly associated with learning outcomes.

Assessment is an essential and vital part of YL acquiring the English language and it should be out of emotional barriers, and the main purpose of assessing should be forwarded to motivate and encourage YL to explore the English Европейская букмекерская контора. Even it can be costly in terms of time, effort, equipment, materials, facilities, or funds.

As Wendy Arnold mentioned that the mind actively engages in making meaning and therefore our duty as teachers to ensure that the tools we use should be comprehensible to young learners, as well as within the range of what they are developmentally ready for. So in order to maximize the potential for acquisition of language, we need to ensure that our young learners are not stressed about assessment process.

It means that we teachers need formative assessment in our curriculum and young learners should not be stressed as a result of it. The context contains the necessary information for unequivocal understanding of the statement, thus all elements of a context are informative, like: wordcombination structure, the grammatical form of a word, semantics of combined words and a sequence of elements.

Context from latin contextus means connection, communication is a fragment of the text including selected units for the analysis, which is necessary and sufficient for the definition of meaning of this unit that are consistent in relation to the general meaning of the given text.

In other words, the context is a fragment of a text and minus defined unit. The term context is not equivalent to the term text.

The context number in the text depends on the number of units constructing it where to every unit there corresponds its own context. The word-combinations forming the nearest environment of a word, and even the fi nished sentence can be insuffi cient for defi nition of a word meaning which becomes clear only in a context of all paragraphs or the superphrase unity opening all described situations or even in a context of all products.

Thus, there is obvious a paramount role of a context in its different types at fi nding-out meanings. Comprehension of this role, however, should not lead methodologically to a very important conclusion that the word at all has no own meaning, meanings out of a context, whose semantics entirely follows from a context to a conclusion, widespread enough and inherently to the incorrect.

It is necessary to recognize that words have more or less constant meanings and we cannot deny here a role of a context. Differentiation of lexical word meanings, however, considerably becomes complicated with their diffusion, uncertainty and unsteadiness of their borders that determines as possibility of erroneous treatment of those or other veb-sayt: The context plays an important role in defi ning the proper meaning of a multiple meaning word.

Contextual meanings arise in the course of the use of words in speech, depending on an environment and are realized under the infl uence of a narrow, wide and extra linguistic context. Within the general concept of a context differ a narrow context or a micro context and a wide context or a macro context. The narrow context can be divided into: syntactic and lexical. The syntactic context is that syntactic design in which the pledged word is used as a word-combination or a subordinate clause.

The lexical context is a set of concrete lexical units, words and set phrases in which there is a unit given. The major function of a context consists in the permission of a polysemy of linguistic units. The context as though removes at this or that multiple-meaning unit all its meanings, except one. Thereby the context gives to this or that unit of language unambiguity and makes possible a choice of one of several potentially existing equivalents of given unit in a target language.

In a translation process, the account of a syntactic context of a word sometimes suffi ces for the permission of a polysemy and defi nition of a choice of an equivalent. For example, to burn to make a fi re, burn down. The candle burns. He burnt the papers; to drive 1 to operate and control the direction and speed of a motor vehicle an intransitive verb ; 2 to move or fall with great force a transitive verb.

In many cases, the equivalent choice is defi ned only by taking into account a lexical context of the given unit whose unambiguity is established within a certain lexical environment. For example, the word look with an adjective angry means sight, and with an adjective European appearance : The town has a European look. The wide context helps to establish a word meaning when a narrow context happens insuffi ciently.

Настольный теннис [История, правила, …]

For instance: Then I got the book I was reading and sat down in my chair. Chair means a separate seat for one person, typically with a back and four legs. The given sentence does not contain any instructions where the translator could be guided with a choice of native language equivalent. Therefore, the reference to a wide context is necessary. Enkayib qalt-qalt titradi. Labini tirjaytirib, zaharxanda qildi Jingalak sochli Bo ychan.

Qishloqcha sodda. Yo lchi 2. Salimboyvachcha 3. Unsin Ushbu usul o quvchilarga idrok xaritasi, yopiq va ochiq testlar tuzishda materialni eslab qolish, egallagan bilimlarini o zlari nazorat qilish imkonini beradi. O zini o zi nazorat qilish esa o zlashtirish jarayonidagi bo shliqlarni aniqlashga, bartaraf etishga xizmat qiladi. O quvchilarda ijodkorlik, obrazli fi krlash imko niyatlarining shakllanishida, rivojlanishida Prozasi lirik poeziya usuli yaxshi samara beradi. Bunda asar matniga tayangan holda lirik poeziya deyish mumkin bo lgan o rinlar topiladi.

Bunday vazifalarni muntazam ravishda bajarib borish o quvchilarning faolligini oshirish, mustaqil fi krlash ko nikma va malakalarini mustahkamlash, ijodkorlik qobiliyatlarini amalga oshirish imkonini beradi. Muhimi, ular shu tariqa badiiy so z go zalligini his qilishni o rganadi: Oddiy yoz tongi Quyosh Kalkovuz suvi bo ylab o sgan qalin tollarning uchida o ynaydi. Sokin, g arib qish oqshomi.

Qor kapalaklari Yo lchining qoshlariga, kipriklariga qo nadi, yuzlariga yopishib tomchilanadi. Tiniq zangori samo, azamat quyosh uning ko zlariga kirdi. Yigit singlisining boshini silab, dardli tabassumi bilan termuldi. Shundan so ng Fikrdan fikr usulidan foydalanib adib va asar haqidagi adabiyotshunoslarning fi krlari o quvchilarga slaydlar orqali taqdim etiladi. O quvchilar fi krlar haqidagi o z fi krlarini daftarlariga qayd etadilar.

Bunda ularning obrazli fi krlash qobiliyatlari, ilmiy salohiyatlari shakllanadi. O quvchilar diqqati roman muallifi, asar haqidagi fi krlarga tortiladi: Tan berib aytish kerakki, Oybek g oyatda bardoshli, quntli, zahmatkash ijodkordir. Oybekning serhosil, o tkir ijodkorligini bizning adabiyot tarixida kimga o xshatish mumkin? Asarlarini o qib ulgurmaysan, yangi bir asar bilan Mana man deb ro Европейская букмекерская контора tabassum qilib turadi G afur G ulom, adib, akademik Haqiqiy rassomlar odamning o ziga qarab surat ishlaydilar.

Bunday suratda chinakam inson qiyofasi to g ri aks etadi. Oybek ham o Банкротство букмекеров qahramonlarini o tqazib qo yib, so z bilan suvratini ishlagandek.

Hakimboyvachcha, Tantiboyvachcha, Olimxon ellikboshi, Yormat, Nuri, jadid Abdi shukur Bularning hammasi o ziga qarab chizilgan qiyofalar. Yoki Toshkentning inqilob arafasidagi ko rinishini olaylik. Xuddi o zi. Unda taxminan tasvirlangan joylar yo q.

Hammasini Oybek ko rgan, necha martalab kezib chiqqan ko chalar, guzarlar, rastalar Said Ahmad, Yo qotganlarim va topganlarim kitobidan Yozuvchi Yo lchining o ta soddaligini ta kidlab ko rsatish maqsadida uni kitobxonga Xo jakent qishlog idan kelgan, deb tanishtiradi.

Umuman, Oybekning tasvir usuli uchun shu narsa xarakterliki, u qahramon obraziga alohida diqqate tibor berishni, uni yangi muhitga olib kirishni sevadi.

Bu hol unga qahramonni butun bo y-basti bilan ko rsatish, uning mohiyatini ochish, xarakteridagi yangi muhit ta sirida shakllanayotgan o zgarishlar va yangi sifatlarni kashf etish imkoniyatlarini beradi.

Naim Karimov, Oybek kitobidan Qutlug qon romanida tasvirlangan voqealar ham, qahramonlar ham Oybekning ko nglida tug ilgan, yig ilgan bir daryo ekan, shalola bo lib quyildi. Oybek romanni juda oz muddatda yozib tugatdi. Ijod nashidasi bilan band bo lgan Oybek hatto bulutli hayotni ham unutgandek bo ldi.

Ijod baxti bamisoli bir qush bo lib uning hayoti va yuragiga nur to kib turdi Zarifa Saidnosirova, Oybegim mening kitobidan Baholash va rag batlantirish. O quvchilar darsda ishtirokiga ko ra rag batlantiriladi va baholanadi. Uyga vazifa. Qutlug qon romanidan olgan taassurotlarim mavzusida uy inshosi yozish. Nari-beri til uchida yozgandek murakkab so z birikmasi.

So z birikmasi qismlarining bog lanish zanjiri quyidagicha: Ma lumki, oliy o quv yurtlari o zbek tili va adabiyoti ta lim yo nalishida Hozirgi o zbek adabiy tili fanidan o quv rejasi bo yicha laboratoriya mashg ulotlarini o tish rejalashtirilgan. Laboratoriya mashg ulotlarida mo ljallangan topshiriqlar mavzu mohiyatidan kelib chiqqan holda belgilanishi va quyidagi turlarda berilishi lozim: 1.

Jamoa bo lib ishlashga qaratilgan laboratoriya ishlari. Yakka tartibda ishlashga qaratilgan laboratoriya ishlari. Laboratoriya ishlarini bajarishdan avval mavzuga doir nazariy bilimlar yodga olinishi lozim. Har bir laboratoriya mashg ulotini avval o tilgan mavzu bo yicha savol-javob mashqlari bilan boshlash talabalar bilimini mustahkamlashga xizmat qiladi.

So ngra mavzu mohiyatidan kelib chiqqan holda til birliklarini lingvistik tahlil qilish, faktik materiallarni qiyoslash asosida umumiy xulosalar chiqarish, turli jadvallar, ilmiy manbalar ustida ishlash va ularga munosabat bildirish, ilmiy sharhlar yozish kabi turli laboratoriya topshiriqlarini bajarish mumkin bo ladi. Shuni alohida qayd etish joizki, laboratoriya mashg ulotlarini o tkazishda foydalanish uchun biron darslik yoki maxsus o quv qo llanma mavjud emas.

Shu bois quyida tashkil etiladigan laboratoriya mashg ulotlarida bajarilishi mumkin bo lgan ayrim topshiriqlar tizimini tavsiya etamiz laboratoriya ishi O zicha kulmoq, g irt yolg on, tog ora-tog ora somsa, dildan quvnamoq, mish-mish gaplar, o nning yarmi, juda haybatli, osmono par bino, olis yo l, Marg ilon atlasi. Berilgan so z birikmalarining tarkibiy qismlarini aniqlang va ularga tavsif bering.

O zicha kulmoq: o zicha tobe so z, ravish bilan ifodalangan; kulmoq hokim so z, fe l bilan ifodalangan. Berilgan so z birikmalarining hokim so zning qanday so z turkumi bilan ifodalanganligiga ko ra turi va bog lanish usulini aniqlang.

O zicha kulmoq fe lli birikma, subordinativ, bog liq aloqa, bitishuv usulida bog langan. Berilgan so z birikmalarini tarkibiy qismlarga ajrating va qismlarni bog lovchi vositalarga tavsif bering. O zicha kulmoq so z birikmasi, o zicha tobe so z, kulmoq hokim so z, so z birikmasi qismlari ohang yordamida bog langan.

Tobe so zi qo shma, juft va takroriy so zlardan tashkil topgan 8 ta so z birikmasi hosil qiling hamda ularning qurilish modellarini belgilang. Katta-kichik bolalar so z birikmasi, tobe so z juft so zdan tashkil topgan. So z birikmasining yuza qurilish modeli: [Isif. Hokim so zi qo shma, juft va takroriy so zlardan tashkil topgan 8 ta so z birikmasi hosil qiling hamda В приложении winline произошла ошибка qurilish modellarini belgilang.

Mehmonlarning yosh-u qarisi so z birikmasi, hokim so z juft so zdan tashkil topgan. So z birikmasining yuza qurilish modeli: [Iot. Hokim va tobe so zi qo shma, juft yoki takroriy so zlardan tashkil topgan 8 ta so z birikmasi hosil qiling hamda ularning qurilish modellarini belgilang. Qo ziqorin bilan oldi-sotdi qilish so z birikmasi, tobe so z qo shma ot bilan, hokim so z qo shma fe l bilan ifodalangan. Otli va fe lli birikmalar.

1991-yildan chiqa boshlagan

Ikki yil bo yi Marg ilon kelib yurishingizni men o zimcha yechdim, lekin topib yechdim: Sizning barcha mashaqqatlaringiz dushmanlaringizdan o ch olish uchun bo lganini angladim. Yo qsa, meni ko rar edingiz, ko rgingiz kelmaganda ham, boshqalar Sizni ko rar edilar, to yar edilar. O tkan kunlar 1. Matnda nechta so z birikmasi mavjudligini aniqlang.

So z birikmalari qismlarining bog lanish zanjirini namunada ko rsatilgani kabi qayd eting. Matndan otli, fe lli va ravishli so z birikmalarini ajrating hamda yuza qurilish modellarini belgilang. So z birikmalarini tuzilishiga ko ra tasnifl ang. So nggi bir oy so z birikmasi, otli birikma, yuza qurilish modeli: [I sifat. So nggi bir oy ichida bu ko rimsizgina bino men uchun dunyoda eng ko rkam, eng ziynatli, eng orombaxsh bir joyga aylangan edi.

Men uning oldidan yuragimni hovuchlab, Muqaddasim, sevgilim yashagan ikkinchi qavatdagi balkonli xonadan, xonaning derazalariga tutilgan harir to r pardasidan ko zlarimni uzolmasdan, uni ko rmasam ham har safar qalbim nafi s va totli tuyg ularga to lib o tardim Muqaddas 5-laboratoriya ishi 1.

Berilgan so z birikmalarining sintaktik sinonimlarini hosil qiling. So z birikmalarining yuza qurilish modellarini belgilang hamda ularga namunadagidek tavsif bering. Mening zurriyodim, hosildan nishona, mendan yodgorlik, chindan kulmoq.

Uzumni yemoq, do stidan eshitmoq, onasiga olmoq, hassa bilan ochmoq. Bizning bog, tayoq bilan urmoq, kasallik sababli kelmaslik, telefonda sezib qolmoq. Mening zurriyodim Zurriyod meniki. Mening zurriyodim: [I q. Qushlarning parvozi, yellarning nozi, Baxmal vodiylarda, qirlarda bahor Zulfi ya 1.

Berilgan she riy parchani so z birikmalariga ajrating. So z birikmalarini sintaktik tahlil qiling. Sintaktik tahlil tartibi: 1. Gapdagi so zlarning o zaro bog lanishi sxema orqali ko rsatiladi sxematik tahlil va shu asosda gapdagi so z birikmalari aniqlanadi.

So z birikmasida hokim va tobe so zlar ajratiladi, ularning ifodalanishi, morfologik shakli qayd etiladi. So z birikmasi qismlari orasida shakllangan sintaktik aloqa turi belgilanadi. So z birikmasi qismlarining erkin yoki bog liq ekanligiga ko ra turi erkin va bog liq aloqa aniqlanadi. Tobelikning yo nalishiga ko ra sintaktik aloqa turlari koordinativ yoki subordinativ aloqa aniqlanadi. So z birikmasi qismlari orasida shakllangan mazmuniy-sintaktik munosabat turi qayd etiladi: a atributiv munosabat sifatlovchi-sifatlanmish munosabati, ifodalanishi, morfologik shakli ko rsatiladi; b obyektli munosabat to ldiruvchi-to ldirilmish munosabati, ifodalanishi, morfologik shakli, to ldiruvchining turi: vositali, vositasiz, kelishikli yoki ko makchili, funksional yoki nofunksional ekanligi belgilanadi; d relyativ munosabat hol-hollanmish munosabati, ifodalanishi, morfologik shakli, holning turi, funksional yoki nofunksional ekanligi belgilanadi.

Hokim so zning qaysi so z turkumiga mansubligiga ko ra so z birikmasi tiplari otli birikma, fe lli birikma, ravishli birikma aniqlanadi. So z birikmasi qismlarini bog lovchi vositalar formal-grammatik vositalar, leksik-grammatik vositalar, pozitsion vosita so z tartibi, intonatsiya aniqlanadi.

Tobe bog lanish usullari qayd etiladi: a moslashuv usuli va unga xos belgilar hokim va tobe so zning ifoda materiali, ularning qanday morfologik shakllar orqali moslashuvi belgilanadi; b boshqaruv usuli va unga xos belgilar boshqaruvchi va boshqariluvchi so zlar aniqlanadi, hokim so zning qaysi so z turkumi bilan ifodalanishiga ko ra boshqaruv turlari fe l boshqaruvi, ot boshqaruvi, sifat boshqaruvi, ravish boshqaruvi, son boshqaruvi aniqlanadi, tobe so zning grammatik shakliga ko ra boshqaruv turlari kelishikli va ko makchili boshqaruv ko rsatiladi; d bitishuv usuli va unga xos belgilar hokim va tobe so zning ifoda materiali, ularning qanday grammatik vosita orqali birikishi qayd etiladi.

So z birikmasining tuzilishiga ko ra turi sodda yoki murakkab ekanligi belgilanadi. So z birikmasining semantikasi aniqlanadi. So z birikmasining qurilish modeli belgilanadi. Bir yil tut ekkan kishi yuz yil gavhar teradi. Maqol 1. Gapning sxematik tahlili: kishi teradi bir yil ekkan yuz yil gavhar So z birikmalari: bir yil, bir yil ekkan, ekkan kishi, yuz yil, yuz Европейская букмекерская контора termoq, gavhar termoq.

Egalik qo shimchasini qabul qilgan ism. Pedagogik texnologiyalar o quvchining bilim saviyasi, guruh tabiati va sharoitga qarab tanlanadi. Masalan, 5-sinfda Antuan de Sent Ekzyuperining Kichkina shahzoda asarini o rganishda Domino usulini qo llash mumkin.

Bunda o quvchilarga adib ijodi bilan bog liq ma lumotlar tushirilgan domino donachalari shaklidagi qog oz bo lakchalari taqdim etiladi va o quvchilardan ularni muayyan ketma-ketlikda, izchil tartibda joylashtirib chiqish talab etiladi.

Shu tariqa o tilgan mavzu to liq takrorlanadi. Antuan de Sent- Ekzyuperi Kichkina shahzoda Bolaligida juda sho x, quvnoq va ziyrak bo lgan yillarda akasi bilan Man shahridagi kollejda o qigan yil iyunda Fransiyaning Lion shahrida tug ilgan Bolaligi Sen-Morisda o tgan Birinchi jahon urushi boshlangach, ularni onasi Shvetsariyaga o qishga yuboradi Bir paytlar yosh bola bo lgan do stiga bag ishlangan asar Kichkina shahzoda Ezgulik va yovuzlik kurashiga bag ishlangan asar yilda yozilgan yilda yozilgan Kichkina shahzoda falsafi y ertagi Ekzyuperi yana jangovar safga qaytdi yilda akasi Fransiyada bevaqt vafot etgan Nafi s san at akademiyasining arxitektura fakultetiga o qishga kiradi Harbiy uchuvchi novellasi yozildi Fransiya mag lubiyatga uchragach, AQSHda yashadi Yashashdan maqsad nima?

Afsuski, ko zlar basir. Ko ngil ko zi bilan izlash kerak. Bu savolga o quvchilardan javob olingach, ularning javoblari o qituvchi tomonidan umumlashtiriladi: Ko ngil ko zi bu borliqdagi, insonlar ichidagi yaxshi-yu yomon narsalarni qalbdan his etish, ularni bir-biriga qiyoslash, yomondan voz kechib, yaxshilarini kamol toptirishdir. Qalbida ezgulik hissi jo sh urgan kishilarninggina ko ngil ko zlari ochiq bo ladi. Kichkina shahzoda ezgulik timsoli. Chunki u yovuz baobabning g ovlab ketishiga olamni yomonlik egallab olishiga qarshi har kuni kurashga chiqadi.

Bu shunday bir tuyg uki, uni ko z bilan ko rib, qo l bilan ushlab bo lmaydi. Uni faqat ko ngil bilan his etish mumkin. Bu tuyg u insonlarni faqat yaxshilik qilishga, bir-birlari bilan do stona, hamkorlikda yashashga undaydi. O zida bu fazilatni mujassam etgan insonlarni, hatto ular o tib ketsalar ham, odamlar faqat yaxshi nom bilan eslaydilar. Qani, bolalar, topinglar-chi, bu qanday tuyg u ekan?

O quvchilar: Ezgulik. Zero, kichkina shahzoda ezgulik ramzi ekanligini bilib oldik. Sizning har biringizda ezgulik va yovuzlik haqida ma lum tushunchalar mavjud. Hozir T chizmasi asosida sizning ana shu bilimlaringizni sinab ko ramiz. Shundan so ng o quvchilar ikki guruhga bo linadi. Har bir o quvchidan o zi bergan javobni izohlash talab qilinadi. Ijobiy tushuncha. O zgalarga yaxshilik qilish. Oqko ngillik. Insonlarni ulug lash. Siz bo sh vaqtingizda nimalar bilan shug ullanasiz?

Oilangizdagi kattalar ota-onangiz, buvi-bobongiz, aka-opangiz dan qaysi biri sizga yaqin? Siz ularga o z qiziqishlaringiz, orzularingiz haqida ayta olasizmi? Ular qanday munosabat bildirishadi? Ota-onangizdan qaysi biri sizni yaxshi tushunadi? Qanday hollarda kattalar sizga qarshi chiqishadi? Siz bunga qanday javob qaytarasiz? Kattalar va kichiklar o rtasidagi farq va o xshashlik nimada? Nima sababdan Kichkina shahzoda va uchuvchi do st bo lib qolishdi? Uchuvchi nima sababdan Kichkina shahzodadan ayrilganida qattiq qayg uga cho kdi?

Ezgulik yaxshi va nima uchun? Yovuzlik yomon va nima uchun? Yolg iz bir kishi yovuzlikka qarshi kurasha oladimi? Qaysi ertaklarda asar qahramonlari o zaro ahil, birdamliklari tufayli dushmanlar ustidan g alaba qozonishdi? Siz o zingizdagi yaxshi va yomon sifatlarni bilasizmi? Kichkina shahzoda sizning tasavvuringizda qanday siymo sifatida muhrlanib qoldi? Darsda faol ishtirok etgan o quvchilar rag batlantiriladi va baholanadi.

Uyga vazifa sifatida Bolalikning beg ubor olami mavzusida taassurot yozib kelish topshirig i beriladi. Salbiy tushuncha.

Yurtga xiyonat. O zgalarni ko ra olmaslik. Boshqalarni azobga qo yish. O quvchilar doskada T chizmasini to ldirayotgan vaqtda Boburning Yaxshiliq g azali bilan aytilgan qo shiq magnit tasma orqali eshittiriladi, monitorda ezgulik va yovuzlik qiyosiga bag ishlangan rasmlar namoyish etiladi. O tilgan mavzuni mustahkamlash maqsadida mavzudan kelib chiqqan holda so rovnoma o tkaziladi.

Bunda o quvchilarning har biriga so rovnoma tarqatiladi va ma lum vaqt beriladi. Savollar quyidagicha bo lishi mumkin: Har bir darsda o qituvchi va o quvchilar, o qituvchi va har bir o quvchi, o quvchi va o quvchi hamkorligiga erishish lozim. Shundagina adabiyot darsi samaradorligi yuz foiz ta minlanadi. Chunki o quvchilar jamoasida o zaro psixologik ta sir juda kuchli bo lib, paydo bo lgan kayfi yat bir o quvchidan ikkinchisiga juda tez yuqadi. Adabiyot fani o qituvchisining vazifasi o quvchilarda paydo bo lgan badiiy zavqni vaqtida ilg ab, rag batlantirishdir.

Ana shundagina ular faoliyatni kutilgandek davom ettirishadi. Faqat to g ri yo naltirib turishni unutmaslik lozim. Taassufki, adabiyot fani o qituvchilarining ko pchiligi faqat bayonchilik bilan cheklanib qolishadi. Har qanday badiiy matn, avvalo, o qituvchi nazaridan o tishi, idrok etilishi, so ng o quvchilarga taqdim etilishi zarur. Shu bilan birga o qituvchi darslikdagi Бонусы от бвин bilangina chegaralanmasligi, o tilajak har bir mavzuga doir qo shimcha adabiyotlar bilan tanish bo lishi, yangi ma lumotlar bilan o quvchilarni tanishtirishi maqsadga muvofi q.

Zotan, bilim berishning ham o ziga xos tarzi, boshqalarnikidan ajralib turishi kerak bo lgan yo sini mavjud. Bunga o quv jarayoni ishtirokchilarining yoshi, bilim saviyasi, ko nikma va malakalari, moyilliklarini hisobga olgan holda amal qilinadi.

Aynan shunday dars o tish yo sinining alohidaligi tufayli bitta mavzu bir yoshdagi o quvchilarga tamomila farqli tarzda tushuntiriladi va keskin farqli ta limiy natijaga erishiladi.

Shu bois o qituvchi mashg ulotdan oldin qaysi В приложении winline произошла ошибка qaysi mavzuni qanday usulda o tishini, o rganilajak asarning barcha qirralarini, mavzuning turdosh fanlarga aloqasi kabi jihatlarni hisobga olgan holda dars loyihasini tuzib olishi shart.

So ng o qituvchi roman haqida qisqacha ma lumot berib, darslikdagi matn bilan tanishtiradi hamda birinchi qismning savol va topshiriqlari bilan ishlanadi. Agar vaqt yetmasa, savol va topshiriqlar bilan ishlash uyga vazifa sifatida beriladi. Oldingi darsda romanning Ochil buva va nabirasi Azimjonlarning safari tasviri bilan tanishish uyga topshiriq qilib berilganligi bois uni to la tahlil qilish uchun savol va topshiriqlar bilan ishlashga kirishiladi.

O tilgan darsni so rash mavzu to liq tugagandan keyingi umumiy takrorlash va mustahkamlash mashg ulotiga qoldiriladi. Mashg ulot avvalidan parcha tahliliga tutinib, dars likdagi hamda qo shimcha tarzda o qituvchining o zi tuzgan savol va topshiriqlar asosida, shuningdek, o tilgan darsni yangi mavzuga bog lash asnosida so rab va mustahkamlab boriladi. Asar mazmuni o zlashtiriladi, badiiyati tahlilga tortiladi, Ochil buva, Azimjon, Sharofat aya, Akbarali, Bektemir, Hadya singari obrazlar xarakteri, ruhiy-ma naviy olami, adibning portret yaratishdagi badiiy mahorati yaxlit tarzda ochib boriladi.

Bunda faqat darslikdagi savol va topshiriqlar bilan cheklanib qolish nojoiz. O quvchilar guruhlarga bo linib, o qituvchining topshirig iga ko ra uyda o rganib kelingan matnning o zlariga berilgan qismini yoki undagi obraz yoxud muammo ni tahlil qilib, o z mulohazalarini bayon etadilar, boshqa guruh fi krlariga munosabat bildiradilar, zarur o rinda bahsga kirishadilar.

Ayni bir mavzu yuzasidan darsning yana bir qancha variantlarini keltirish mumkin. Bu o qituvchining bilimi, mahorati va eng asosiysi, kasbiy tayyorgarligi darajasiga bog liq. Shu qonuniyatni idrok etgan o qituvchigina ayni mavzuni har bir sinf xususiyatlarini hisobga olgan holda o tishga harakat qiladi. Bir guruh fi kr bildirganda qolganlari uni kuzatib turadi, xato va yutug ini o zlariga qayd etishadi. Bu o qituvchining ishini yengillatadi, o quvchilarning darsga qiziqishi va dars samaradorligini oshiradi.

O qituvchi ziyrak bo lishi, qo shimcha savol bilan o quvchilar fi krini yo naltirib turishi, qisqa va aniq gapirishni talab etishi, fi kr va tuyg ularni bu tarzda boshqara olish uchun sinfdagi har bir o quvchining imkoniyat hamda qobiliyatini yaxshi bilishi shart. O qituvchining har bir so zi imo-ishora va yuz harakatlari bilan mos bo lishi, fi krlari mantiqqa asoslanishi lozim.

Adabiyot fani o qituvchilarining kasbiy tayyorgarliklariga qo yiluvchi talablar quyidagilardan iborat: 1.

Ta limga tegishli me yoriy hujjatlar mohiyatidan xabardor bo lish. Umumiy pedagogik, psixologik, metodik, shuningdek, iqtisodiy, siyosiy bilimlarni puxta o zlashtirish, mazkur sohalar bo yicha qo lga kiritilayotgan yutuqlardan xabardor bo lish, ular bo yicha amaliy faoliyatni tashkil etish ko nikma va malakalarini egallash.

Ijodiy qobiliyatga ega bo lish, ilg or pedagogik texnologiyalar hamda zamonaviy ta lim vositalaridan samarali, o rinli va maqsadga muvofi q foydalana olish. Adabiyot darslarida o quvchilarning imkoniyatlari, shaxsiy sifatlari va qobiliyatlarini tarbiyalash, ma naviyatini oshirish, ta lim berish asosida ularni mustaqil fi krlaydigan, teran xulosalar chiqara oladigan va veb-sayt: Ushbu talablar faoliyat samaradorligini baholashga imkon beradi.

Metodik xizmatni tashkil etishga oid nazariy va amaliy bilimlar umumiy pedagogika asoslaridan muayyan darajada farq qiladi. Shu sababli mustaqil ta lim olish va qayta tayyorlash kurslarida kasbiy malakalarini oshirish chog ida o qituvchilar umumiy pedagogik bilimlar bilan bir qatorda adabiyot darslarini tashkil etish metodikasini puxta o zlashtirishi zarur. Shuningdek, bugungi kunning ustuvor vazifalaridan biriga aylangan bola shaxsiga yo naltirilgan ta lim, ma naviyatni yuksaltirish masalalari, bolaga do stona munosabatda bo lish, ta lim jarayonida ijodiy muhit yaratishga alohida e tibor qaratish lozim.

O qituvchilar malakasini oshirish kurslarining vazifalari quyidagilardan iborat: o qituvchilarning kasbiy tayyorgarligini oshirish, pedagogik tafakkurini kengaytirish; zamonaviy pedagogik va axborot texnologiyalarini amaliyotda qo llash uchun zarur bilim va ko nikmalarni shakllantirish; o z faoliyatlarini tanqidiy tahlil qilish, ijodiy va mustaqil fi kr yuritish ko nikmalarini rivojlantirish; pedagogik munosabatlarni insonparvarlashtirish va demokratlashtirish, o quvchilarning qobiliyatlari va qiziqishlarini hisobga olgan holda tabaqalashtirilgan ta limni tashkil etishga ko maklashish; o qituvchilarni zamonaviy pedagogik va axborot texnologiyalari bilan tanishtirish asosida ularni yangi pedagogik texnologiyalar yaratish va o zlashtirish yuzasidan maqsadli innovatsion loyihalarda qatnashishga tayyorlash.

Mavjud manbalarni o rganish asnosida o qituvchilar malakasini oshirish kurslarida mashg ulotlarni tashkil etishni quyidagi bosqichlar asosida amalga oshirish tavsiya etiladi: 1. Mavzu mohiyatini to g ri anglash. Mavzu doirasida hal etiluvchi muammolarni aniq Банкротство букмекеров ra olish, ularning yechimlarini oldindan taxminiy bashoratlash imkoniyatiga ega bo lish. Mashg ulot mavzusiga tayangan holda yetakchi va xususiy maqsadlarni aniq belgilay olish.

Tinglovchilarni tanlangan strategiya bo yicha to g ri yo naltirish. Ular uchun kerakli vositalar hamda ma lumotlar bazasini tavsiya qilish. O rganilgan muammo yechimining amaliy ahamiyatini tashxislash va baholash. Tavsiya qilingan bosqichlar asosida ish ko rish tinglovchilarni o z faoliyatlarini tashkillashtirishda yangi mavzularga murojaat qilishga undaydi.

Aynan shu vaziyat individual ta lim olishning ijodiy muhitini yaratadi. Tinglovchi o z ehtiyojlaridan kelib chiqib individual ta lim dasturi rejasini tuzadi. Ta lim beruvchi esa yo naltiradi. Belgilangan maqsad to laligicha amalga oshishiga imkon yaratiladi. O quv maqsadi aniq bo lgan darsning yo nalishi ham aniq bo ladi.

Malaka oshirish ta limi jarayoniga qo yiladigan eng muhim talab kasbiy tayyorgarlikni rivojlantirishdan iborat ekan, muntazam ijodiy faoliyat, o zgaruvchan sharoitlarda o zini yo qotmaslik, muammoni aniq ko ra olish, uni idrok etish, yangiliklardan cho chimaslik, samarali fi kr yurita olish, ixtirochilik, sezgirlik kabi sifatlarni shakllantiradi.

Shu maqsadda zamonaviy o quv jarayonida reproduktiv usul bilan bir qatorda mahsuldor, ijodiy qidiruv usullarini ham qo llash kerak. Ular mantiqiy fi kr yuritish va muammolarni ilmiy asosda ijodiy yechishga o rgatadi; zarur bilimlarni mustaqil ijodiy qidirishga odatlantiradi; qiyinchiliklarni yengish ko nikmasini hosil qiladi; o quv materialini tushunarli darajada bayon qilish va chuqur o zlashtirish imkonini beradi; o zlashtirilgan bilimlarning aniqligi va ishonchliligini ta minlaydi; bilim olishga qiziqish uyg otadi, xullas, ijodkor shaxsni shakllantirishga yordam beradi.

Xulosa o rnida aytish mumkinki, intellektual rivojlanish dunyo taraqqiyotida keskin o zgarish va ilgarilash yasayotgan bir davrda jamiyat ma naviyatining tayanch kuchi bo lgan ushbu soha vakillari mahorati, ularning fi - doyiligi muammolar yechimini topishda o ziga xos amaliy ahamiyat kasb etmoqda.

Bu o rinda malaka oshirish tizimi ular kasbiy kamolotini yuksaklikka yetaklovchi muhim omildir. Foydalanilgan adabiyotlar: 1. Yuksak ma naviyat yengilmas kuch.

Adabiyotga e tibor ma naviyatga, kelajakka e tibor. Samaradorlikni aniqlash mezonlari. Yo ldoshev. Yangicha pedagogik tafakkur va umumta lim maktablarida adabiyot o qitishning ilmiy-metodik asoslari. Olim, S. Ahmedov, R. Qo chqorov. Umumiy o rta ta lim maktablarining 8-sinfi uchun darslik-majmua.

Po latov. Lesson 41 Let s revise the learn material! Present Continuous 5 Write questions and answers. Yes, she is. They are playing football. Verb forms to be Present Simple 1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of be. He s an actor. No, I. They re at the cinema. You re early.

Present Simple or Continuous? It s got great books. It s got horrible food. Add а time expression. They were at the cinema yesterday.

What was the weather like on Monday? My mother phone the school in the afternoon and tell my teacher I was ill. Present Simple questions 4 Write questions.

Do you go to bed at eleven o clock? Where does he live? Dear Robiya, Here are some ideas about things to bring with you this weekend. Bring а raincoat because I know it will rain. Don t bring school books because to study. Bring a magazine because.

Don t bring sandwiches for the journey because. Don t forget your sleeping bag because at the hostel. Bring a sweater because. See you on Friday at Victoria Station. Love, Malika 11 Complete the sentences with the past form of the verbs in brackets. Ask and answer these questions about what you are going to do. В: This evening I m going to stay in and do my homework.

Example I am not going to start smoking.

Bobur: Ali: going to or will? They re wearing the wrong clothes. Hello, it s Bobur here. I m in town. What are you doing do in town? I buy some new clothes. Do you want to meet me here? Well, my sister and I do our homework at the moment. Let s go to the cinema this evening. The Matrix is on. Yes, but I go to the cinema twice last week. I not want to go again. Let s go to а disco. Where you want to go? Well, Star Disco be boring last Friday. Let s go to Central tonight. What time it open?

At nine o clock. See you tonight. I study for Европейская букмекерская контора exam. Correct the mistakes in the other sentences. It s raining. No, I don t. Nozima: Why? Sabina: Yes, I did. Sabina: Sunny and hot. Please come to Kokand this summer. Write soon! Best wishes, Malik 25 Circle the correct word. I must revise every day and it s boring.

Best wishes, Doniyor 23 Read the sentences. Complete the sentences with a, b or c. Dear Sardor, How be you? Thanks for the photo of you and your dog. I not like dogs, but my mother think they be great. Every day she go for a walk with her friend s dog.

What be your exams like last month? We have got exams in school this week. We have a science exam yesterday it be horrible! My brother have got a new DVD player. He and his friend play pop music at the moment in his bedroom. I hate pop music, and he not like my classical music CDs.

Please come to visit me this summer. There be some good places to go the beach and the sports centre and a new disco open in town next week. Let s talk to our parents about it. I see her last week and she miss you! Use the adjectives in the box. Vocabulary 31 Look at the dictionary extract for go. Match the words to the correct part a-h. Use comparative adjectives. Complete the sentences, using the adjectives in the box.

Call the restaurant. I haven t got а computer. I didn t get up on time. They aren t very expensive.

They went to the disco. They think that there are three theatres. Prepositions 41 Complete the sentences with at or in. I m staying with a very nice family and I m practising my Italian. Everything is OK but I miss you very much. We had lessons in the morning. Then we went on a trip. I was very happy because we saw some beautiful places. The weather here is hot and sunny better than in England!

I go school. Linking with because, and, but, then 38 Match the lines in columns A and B. Development in these practices moves through a series of key stages, from being aware of the practice to being able to help other teachers to progress. When a person takes responsibility for their learning we use the term self-development. You use a template as a model for producing similar copies. Activity: Keep a teaching journal for a week Follow the steps above to keep a teaching journal for a week.

Encourage a colleague to Банкротство букмекеров the same so that you can discuss your experiences. Your students might think of things you hadn t thought about.

Teachers never know everything about teaching. Some teachers go on courses or join teachers groups where they share ideas and experiences. Others read teachers journals or attend conferences. All teachers can develop their teaching skills. This is a diary that focuses on your teaching. Which are my strongest areas of English? Which areas of English do I need to improve? How can I improve my English in each area? Keeping a journal Choose a place to write your journal in a notebook, in a computer document, on small cards, etc.

Choose a class to write about in the journal.